March 12, 2010

Looking for A Sugar Daddy ....

is not easy. There are lots of girls looking for one.
Of course , I have sexual experience and know how to please a man.

So until I find my cash cow of a man , I am stuck doing the same thing sex for money , and sex for clothes.

So today was Saturday and I headed to one of my favorite upscale boutiques for some nice clothes , in exchange for sex of course , hell I can't afford anything there.

I arrive to find out that my store manager has been terminated for theft , so I quickly depart and make a call to a couple of my friends to inform them. I decide to head to the mall because there is a nice leather shop that sells all kinds of interesting things that guys like.

Looking around I don't see any male sales persons. Suddenly this guy from behind says , "Do you work here?"
Smiling I reply , "sorry no."
He says , "oh I just had a fight with my girlfriend and thought I would get her something to make up for it."
Thinking on my feet , I quickly say , "The hell you say , a nice looking guy like you , and she doesn't know how good she's got it!"
He spurts right out , "Ah it was my fault , I just seem to make her angry."
I am thinking , Wow this guy is slow , what does it take for him to realize I am coming on to him? So I respond , "Life is too damn short to be in conflict."
He looks at me , and says , "You know you are right , would you like to get a coffee at the food court?"
Ka-ching , now I got this guys attention so I quickly say , "Why not?"
So we head over for a Starbucks. After some casual chit chat , I say , "I am heading back to the leather shop." I wanted to know just how interested in me he was , or I needed to move on.
So , he says , "Would you mind if I tagged along?"
"Not at all" I reply , "maybe you can help me select something nice."
I see his eyes light up , and off we go.
In the store I see him glancing at a leather paddle , and I ask , "Do you see something you like?"
He smiles , and replies , "Well yes I like that leather paddle and black panty and bra set."
I am a little bit nervous now I am not into BDSM.
He says , "Let me buy it for you if you'll model it for me."
I said , "I am not into having my butt spanked."
"Oh too bad!" , he says.
Now he is walking away , and I say , "Wait , I have never done it before , and it would require more than just buying me an outfit."
"Tell me what you want , lets discuss it" , he says.
So I simple say , "Well first off I don't want any marks on my body , and second if I say stop then you stop , and third it will cost you One Thousand Dollars plus the outfit which I keep."
He sees the sales girl , and says , "I'll take that outfit , tell her what size you are.
We leave and go back to his apartment.
Nervous I dress and come out of the bedroom wearing the outfit.
I am thinking shit what the hell have I gotten myself into?
I quickly ask him , "Where is your girlfriend?"
He said , "Don't worry she is working."
So he grabs me , bends me over his knee , and begins to whack my butt with the paddle. I am squirming now and say stop.
About that time his girlfriend walks in and says , "I see you got another slut to embarrass yourself , and make me jealous."
I am thinking , "Damn what to do now?"
Suddenly he drops me on the floor like a log , and says to his girlfriend , "I have been a bad boy , spank me you slut , spank me!"
She looks at me , and says , "Get out whore now."
I grab my clothes and the money , and run out into the hall stairway , and get dressed fast , and take-off with my new outfit and money in hand.
I am telling you that was one damn strange set of events , which I hope never repeat themselves.

Next post , It's exam time in school and I need to bang geeks and nerds to pass.

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Anonymous said...

Your blog is amazing.
Maybe too amazing. I wonder if this is just a writing exercise by a wanabe author because it seems too good (naughty) to be true.
However I will assume that the story is true for now.
I only found this blog recently, and since there have not been any posts in several months I hope everything is alright.
Perhaps the reason you stopped posting is because there were no real responses?
If so I hope this message will help encourage you to start posting again.
I must admit to being a dirty old man, and these stories about a naughty young girl being as naughty as she can be are a great turn on for me.
However, I am concerned that you are short changing yourself if you are neglecting your education in order to make money.
While making money being a hooker may seem easy and fun now, and the way you are doing it is deliciously naughty, you should still try to learn as much as you can while in school, because in the long run you probably will want to stop being a hooker some day, and if you don't have an education you won't be able to stop because there will be nothing else you can do.
There is a danger that you could end up being much like you first foster mother, which I'm sure you don't want.
So think about your future and try to learn as much as you can while you have the chance.
Just remember that there is more to life than making money in the short run. Think of yourself in the long run.
I do love that you are such a naughty slut, and I sure wish I knew someone like you.
Even if you keep banging your teachers to get good grades, you should still not neglect your education, because you are neglecting yourself.
Speaking of banging your teachers I would love to hear more about that.
I wish you well, and lots and lots of sex.

Anonymous said...

Me again.
I was rereading your posts and noticed that in your first post you say you got your GED. This seems to imply that the stories are from your past, perhaps several years ago?
Is this correct?

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