February 8, 2010

I am Now Moving on Up

Last post I talked about moving on up ....

Now with the new twist of of extra clients thrown in on Thursday afternoon when my regular guy cannot make it , this is giving me the money I need to start my move out of those stupid foster parents and that burdening babysitting. Add this money to the cash I still get for sex at school , and the fancy designer clothes I exchange for sexual favors I am starting to feel that this gig is paying off.

I now have enough cash for those fake IDs I need to get my own apartment.

So I show up this Thursday as usual but no one is there. The doorman lets me in as instructed. I wait about 15-minutes and there's a knock on the door. I rush over thinking it's my geek cash cow but instead it's a middle age man with a European accent and a note. He hands the note to me , and smiles.
I read the note ... it says, 'This is Hans , he is from Germany , please entertain him and I will settle up with you later , sorry I cannot make it today.'

So Hans just stands there staring at my young tight body in my black mini skirt , high black boots , and short white tank top.

To get things relaxed , I invite him in , offer him a drink.
He accepts , so I turn and go make him a Scotch on the rocks , as he requested , and when I turn around he is standing there nude with his poker straight out and erect holding a condom in his hand.
He takes the drink , swirls in down , makes me drop to my knees , put the condom on him , and have oral. When done he says , give a me moment , I need a blue pill and we can have sex.
I am thinking , we just had sex.
So he is the type that likes to undress women.
He gets me undressed and has another hard-on.
Plops me on the bed , and spreads me in the 'Y' formation , gets a condom on , and bangs me like he hasn't had sex in a year.
When we are done , I get up to go take a shower , and he gets in with me.
I am thinking , okay.
As we are soaping one another up , he gets another boner and wants a handjob.
When he is done , he turns me around and pees on me.
I had never had this done to me before.
I didn't know what to do.
I got through it.
He said , 'he would be in town again in about a month and could we get together again.'
I said , 'Sure, no problem.'
He said , 'Look I know you aren't suppose to take any money from me , so let me take you out for dinner.'
I said , 'I can't I had to get home before being missed.'
He said , 'There's a nice watch store just around the corner , let me buy you something.'
I was reluctant , but agreed.
He bought me a two thousand dollar watch.
Now that's moving on up.

Next Post , more action , more dollars coming in.


Anonymous said...

How about a freebie ?

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