October 26, 2009

I started my Hooking Days as a Teenager:

Last time I left off all the sports jocks in school wanted me.
With my sorted reputation , just because I was raped and had a baby meant no ever-mind. Anyway , I needed some attention , but that's how I got pregnant in the first place. But now I am on the pill and have a purse full of condoms – all shapes , sizes , and types.
So this one jock really wanted me , I could tell. After a movie date and some wine , we went to his place. His parents were divorced , and he lived with his dad who worked nights.
Some of the girls in school warned me about this guy that he was some kinda macho self stuck on himself jock asshole , but so what!
After a glass and half I was flying.
He had my panties off and was inside me before I could tell him to use a condom.
Pumped me like a little whore he did.
Soon we were an item.
This lasted about a month and I thought he was the real thing – yeah right!
We went to this after game party. Lots of girls. As the night moved on everyone left except my so-called bf and three other sports jocks.
Suddenly he wanted me to bang his buds. I am thinking WTF is wrong with this fool.
He said , “look baby, we can make some bread out of this. I'll split it with you.”
I replied , “No F-in Way.”
His answer, “Bang for money or bang for free , I all ready promised the guys you'd do them!”
So I was scared but sorta stood my ground.
I answered , "Ok but they have to use a condom and I get 75 percent.”
Smiling , he agreed.

Next segment of my story , Hooking for Money.

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October 21, 2009

My story continues:

Last post I left off with my foster care mother's boyfriend getting me pregnant and her finding out.

Well , no surprise she kicked his useless ass out. I heard he moved to Florida. She didn't give a damn about me and what happened , she didn't want any of her Bfs screwing anyone but her.
Hey you dumb alcoholic bitch , if you were sober long enough to have sex with a real man maybe you could get one!

Anyway , she contacted this shyster lawyer and I was forced to give up my baby for adoption. Of course she made out , she got five thousand dollars I got nothing , all of which went to her bottle habit.

After the baby was born , she put me on the pill and told me to use a condom.

Word got around that I was an easy lay. I was always an attractive slender girl but had small boobs. So all the sports jocks wanted me. This is another part of my story which I will explore on my next post.

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October 17, 2009

Continuing my story...

Early when I was 12-years-old I got my first period and just some nubs for boobs.
I was scared because I started bleeding and didn't know what to do.
My stupid drunk stepmother (single foster care parent) couldn't help so her current live in boyfriend helped me out. He got me some mini kotex from the local pharmacy and showed me how to use them.
I was nervous but needed help.
He kept starring at my naked young body.
After about 3-days my period stopped but I was still having some cramps.
About a week later her boyfriend , we will call him Paul , was smoking some marijuana and got me to try it. It took no time on an empty stomach and a new user to get high.
He started his advances and I lost my virginity to him. He was 35 and I was 12.
He never touched me after that one time.
But about a month later I started throwing up and having abdominal pains , but I didn't tell anyone.
Soon the belly started getting big , I thought I was getting fat , although food was scarce at my place. What did I know?
Soon my foster mother figured it out between her drunken binges.

More on what happened in my next post.

Here is a picture of a young pregnant girl.

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October 15, 2009

This is the story of my life -

This is my first Blog / Social Network Page.

I started having sex at the age of 12.
My stepmother was a prostitute.
I never knew my real father.
My real mother died of an overdose shortly after I was born.
I ended up living with my with my aunt till I was 5-years-old. She put me in foster care , and that's how I ended up with a stepmother. She only wanted me for the welfare money.
My education is mostly street smarts but I did manage to get my GED.
By the age of 15 , I was doing sex for money.
I got Gonorrhea soon after that and took a class on STD's and prevention from the free clinic in New York City.
After my first encounter with an STD I always insisted the guy use a condom. In fact , I always carried a variety pack with me for both size and effect , most men hate them, but all men love sex!

More on my life later as a New York City Hooker and how I reformed my life and turned it around.

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