November 22, 2009

Oh Yeah Sex for Fashion

So last week I left off with doing my first an old fart versus doing the school boy geeks and nerds.

So now I have cash in hand and shopping I am going.
I started at all the major NYC department stores but one of my friends said , "Hey girl have your ever done sex for clothes?"
I am thinking 'what the hell is she talking about?' so I replied , "Ah no!"
"Come with me" , she said smiling.
"Okay" , I quickly replied.
So off to one of these Manhattan upscale boutiques we went.
When we got there I quickly said , "WTF , I can't afford this place , lets go."
"No Problem" , she insisted, "trust me" , she said.
So into the store we went.
There was a guy in the back , about 30 I would say.
My friend called him over and whispered something in his ear.
Then she took me to one side and said, "Okay I am leaving now , but here is the deal - you give him oral sex , and he gives you expensive stuff. So pick out something and go for it."
Then she was off.
I saw this $400.00 leather mini skirt , and the guy was more than willing.
Into the back room we went.
He simply told me , "you give me oral , I pull out and jizz your face , and the black leather mini is yours."
Well , again my mouth engaged before the brain could catch up , and I sputter out , "Lets do it."
Well I walked out with the Leather Mini Skirt and reminisce of his goo still on me.

I hope you like my escapades , and will follow my storyline.

Next , post I get caught by my drunk foster mother with expensive clothes and money.

November 16, 2009

Moving on Up to a daddy Image

Last post I mentioned about one of the Geek fathers hitting on me.

I had been banging Geeks and Nerds now for nearly two years. I was 15 going on 29. From what I gathered the father of this Geek found a picture of me on his son's computer. I was quite popular with all the Geeks and Nerds in two different schools and had a diner date every weekend plus cash. I had steadily been raising my CASH price for a BJ but kept the handjob price stable.

So this Geek old geezer , he was about 50 , put the moves on me. I was really reluctant. I had managed to keep my sexual activities with boys to a minimum. I knew if I agreed to see this father it would be vaginal penetration. After contemplating this I refused. He said , "Okay I am reporting you to the school authorities." So I agreed to have sex with him in a private secluded place , and not to be seen with him in public. He didn't hesitate , and agreed in a New York second. I also told him that the price would be set and not negotiable , he said he wanted something special , this made me nervous but I felt backed into a corner , so I agreed.

We met at his office around 8:00 pm on a Friday night. He told me to wear a sexy mini skirt , tight top , and no bra.
Once in his office he wasted no time discussing what he wanted. He wanted to do anal with me. I had never done that before. I said , "no"
But he pushed the issue , and said , "Have you ever done this before ?"
Stuttering , again I said , "No!"
"Wow" , he said and smiled.
Then before I could utter a word , he said , "I'll give you five hundred dollars."
Before my brain could engage my mouth properly , I sputtered out , 'Hell why not!"
I then immediately followed up with - "But you have to use a condom."
He agreed and said , "But I had to call him Daddy."
Well now my mind is running amok with thoughts of crazy shit like this guy is a pedophile and he will hurt me.
He saw the reluctance in my face , and quickly got out five new 100 dollar bills and handed to me.
He also got out a tube of KY Jelly and a ribbed condom.
He bent me over his desk , moved my panties to one said , and slipped his hard penis gently into my poop hole. It hurt , and he said , "Be a good girl for Daddy and relax."
I replied , "Yes Daddy."
He wasn't in my virgin anus very long before I felt him explode inside the condom.
I figured he was done , but no way. He started shoving it in deeper and harder. He crabbed my hair and said , "Now you're Daddy's little girl."
I yelled out , "Daddy you are hurting me, please stop!"
He just kept pounding me the more I squirmed the more he liked it.
Then I felt him go limp and it slipped out.
He pushed my panties back into position and said , girl your were great , you can make a lot of money doing men instead of boys.
I was crying from both it hurting and embarrassment with being with this perverted old guy.
He said , "Next Friday little girl , same time same place?"
Caching - I said , 'Oh yes Daddy , I am looking forward to it."
"Okay but wear something different" , he uttered.
"Yes Daddy , Yes , you are the boss."
Then I picked up my purse and got the heel out of there , the whole time thinking to myself - 'Girl , what's wrong with your brain?'

Next posting , shopping for expensive clothes.

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November 8, 2009

A Teen Making Her Own Way in Life

It didn't take me long to realize the really good looking guys didn't need to pay for it and if they did it was a token amount.
But the Nerds and Geeks , now that's were the money was. Attractive girls wouldn't give them the time of day.
If an attractive girl went out with a nerd or geek it was for a diner and movie , on them of course. These girls would call it an early night , and then go out with some jock butt-hole later on , and have sex.

I on the other hand gave these nerds and geeks what they wanted.
First they would buy me a good diner , and I would get a movie. Then for CASH I gave them either a hand-job or a BJ and told them what a stud muffin they were.
Hell they told all their buds , and every Friday , Saturday , and Sunday I ate like a queen and had money in my purse.
I was on top of the world.

One day , one of the father's of a geek hit on me , next time I will share what resulted in that!

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November 3, 2009

Now I was a Teenage Hooker:

We left off last time with my life story where my bf forced me into sex for pay with three of his sports jock buddies.

So I knew the news would be all over school I was a slut.
Why fight it , I thought. Hell make some money from this I contemplated. If there's one thing life had taught me was wake-up and take advantage of a situation. In the past I did this mostly for food. Now it would be for money. After all money gets me food.
So I went out and bought a really inexpensive used mini skirt and a top that showed off my belly. I also bought some cheap costume jewelry for my belly button.
That Monday when I walked in to school I turned a lot of heads both male and female.
From that moment on I knew I was in charge of my own destiny and with any luck I'd be carrying a wad of money because no guy would ever get sex from me without paying.

Next segment of my story , There's Money to be made going to school.

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