March 12, 2010

Looking for A Sugar Daddy ....

is not easy. There are lots of girls looking for one.
Of course , I have sexual experience and know how to please a man.

So until I find my cash cow of a man , I am stuck doing the same thing sex for money , and sex for clothes.

So today was Saturday and I headed to one of my favorite upscale boutiques for some nice clothes , in exchange for sex of course , hell I can't afford anything there.

I arrive to find out that my store manager has been terminated for theft , so I quickly depart and make a call to a couple of my friends to inform them. I decide to head to the mall because there is a nice leather shop that sells all kinds of interesting things that guys like.

Looking around I don't see any male sales persons. Suddenly this guy from behind says , "Do you work here?"
Smiling I reply , "sorry no."
He says , "oh I just had a fight with my girlfriend and thought I would get her something to make up for it."
Thinking on my feet , I quickly say , "The hell you say , a nice looking guy like you , and she doesn't know how good she's got it!"
He spurts right out , "Ah it was my fault , I just seem to make her angry."
I am thinking , Wow this guy is slow , what does it take for him to realize I am coming on to him? So I respond , "Life is too damn short to be in conflict."
He looks at me , and says , "You know you are right , would you like to get a coffee at the food court?"
Ka-ching , now I got this guys attention so I quickly say , "Why not?"
So we head over for a Starbucks. After some casual chit chat , I say , "I am heading back to the leather shop." I wanted to know just how interested in me he was , or I needed to move on.
So , he says , "Would you mind if I tagged along?"
"Not at all" I reply , "maybe you can help me select something nice."
I see his eyes light up , and off we go.
In the store I see him glancing at a leather paddle , and I ask , "Do you see something you like?"
He smiles , and replies , "Well yes I like that leather paddle and black panty and bra set."
I am a little bit nervous now I am not into BDSM.
He says , "Let me buy it for you if you'll model it for me."
I said , "I am not into having my butt spanked."
"Oh too bad!" , he says.
Now he is walking away , and I say , "Wait , I have never done it before , and it would require more than just buying me an outfit."
"Tell me what you want , lets discuss it" , he says.
So I simple say , "Well first off I don't want any marks on my body , and second if I say stop then you stop , and third it will cost you One Thousand Dollars plus the outfit which I keep."
He sees the sales girl , and says , "I'll take that outfit , tell her what size you are.
We leave and go back to his apartment.
Nervous I dress and come out of the bedroom wearing the outfit.
I am thinking shit what the hell have I gotten myself into?
I quickly ask him , "Where is your girlfriend?"
He said , "Don't worry she is working."
So he grabs me , bends me over his knee , and begins to whack my butt with the paddle. I am squirming now and say stop.
About that time his girlfriend walks in and says , "I see you got another slut to embarrass yourself , and make me jealous."
I am thinking , "Damn what to do now?"
Suddenly he drops me on the floor like a log , and says to his girlfriend , "I have been a bad boy , spank me you slut , spank me!"
She looks at me , and says , "Get out whore now."
I grab my clothes and the money , and run out into the hall stairway , and get dressed fast , and take-off with my new outfit and money in hand.
I am telling you that was one damn strange set of events , which I hope never repeat themselves.

Next post , It's exam time in school and I need to bang geeks and nerds to pass.

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February 24, 2010

More Cash Coming My Way

This teenage hooking thing is now paying off.

I get a panic phone call from my geek guy who tells me he has another German fella named Karl coming in on Wednesday , and he needs me to change our normal get together arrangement from Thursday to Wednesday. I said , this may be a problem , so he said he would have to get another girl but that Hans had all ready mentioned me to Karl.
Thinking fast , which I am good at , I realized if he got another girl I have competition. So I said , Yes I will be there no problem.
My geek guy said , get there early , wear your black leather mini skirt , do not wear any panties , no top , no bra , no shoes , and no jewelry and be waiting with a glass of beer in your hand when he walks in.
I said , whatever you want you can have , you are the boss.
I could hear him sigh with joy on the other end of the phone.

So I had one day notice to tell the foster parents I had to change my routine off day babysitting those monsters from Thursday to Wednesday. They agreed when I gave them some bull crap story about school changing the schedule.
This incident reverified the fact I need to get the hell out on my own. I need my own place.

So on Wednesday I met up with this guy named Karl. A really big man , he had to be 6'-4" and 225 pounds. He worked out and had a firm body with a flat gut. He was maybe early forty , good looking , blond hair and blue eyes.

He walked over to me , took the beer , smiled and drank it down. He unzipped my mini skirt , dropped to his knees , and began licking my vagina around my neatly well trimmed bush.
He picked me up like a sack of flour and dropped me on the bed , where I saw his throbbing member.
He quickly put on a ribbed condom and began banging me like a church bell.
When he was done , he rolled me over , and dumped his goo out of the condom on the small of my back , walked away , left me laying on the bed , and got into the shower. I just laid there , when he was done , he smiled , got dressed , and left not saying a word.
So I quickly got up , showered , got dressed and went home.

Men seem to love me in my Black Leather Mini Skirt...

Next post , I have decided to look for a Sugar Daddy.

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February 8, 2010

I am Now Moving on Up

Last post I talked about moving on up ....

Now with the new twist of of extra clients thrown in on Thursday afternoon when my regular guy cannot make it , this is giving me the money I need to start my move out of those stupid foster parents and that burdening babysitting. Add this money to the cash I still get for sex at school , and the fancy designer clothes I exchange for sexual favors I am starting to feel that this gig is paying off.

I now have enough cash for those fake IDs I need to get my own apartment.

So I show up this Thursday as usual but no one is there. The doorman lets me in as instructed. I wait about 15-minutes and there's a knock on the door. I rush over thinking it's my geek cash cow but instead it's a middle age man with a European accent and a note. He hands the note to me , and smiles.
I read the note ... it says, 'This is Hans , he is from Germany , please entertain him and I will settle up with you later , sorry I cannot make it today.'

So Hans just stands there staring at my young tight body in my black mini skirt , high black boots , and short white tank top.

To get things relaxed , I invite him in , offer him a drink.
He accepts , so I turn and go make him a Scotch on the rocks , as he requested , and when I turn around he is standing there nude with his poker straight out and erect holding a condom in his hand.
He takes the drink , swirls in down , makes me drop to my knees , put the condom on him , and have oral. When done he says , give a me moment , I need a blue pill and we can have sex.
I am thinking , we just had sex.
So he is the type that likes to undress women.
He gets me undressed and has another hard-on.
Plops me on the bed , and spreads me in the 'Y' formation , gets a condom on , and bangs me like he hasn't had sex in a year.
When we are done , I get up to go take a shower , and he gets in with me.
I am thinking , okay.
As we are soaping one another up , he gets another boner and wants a handjob.
When he is done , he turns me around and pees on me.
I had never had this done to me before.
I didn't know what to do.
I got through it.
He said , 'he would be in town again in about a month and could we get together again.'
I said , 'Sure, no problem.'
He said , 'Look I know you aren't suppose to take any money from me , so let me take you out for dinner.'
I said , 'I can't I had to get home before being missed.'
He said , 'There's a nice watch store just around the corner , let me buy you something.'
I was reluctant , but agreed.
He bought me a two thousand dollar watch.
Now that's moving on up.

Next Post , more action , more dollars coming in.

January 27, 2010

The Tide has Turned

Last posting we left off: Other men want in on the action.

My steady geek and his company's apartment have now generated into the potential of new clients. After his routine romp of undressing me , and having his way with my sexy butt , he was stammering about trying say something. So I am thinking he wants a new squeeze , and this cash cow is over. So I just asked him straight out - are you trying to say you want to end our Thursday afternoon sessions?
"Oh no, no" he says with a worried look on his face.
Then before I can say anything , he suggests that I entertain an out of town client on his behalf.
Thinking money quickly , I respond , "Yes, I will do it but the cost is double."
"I don't think so" he replies , "But I will go a thousand for one hour , but make sure he is happy."
I agree. He then says , "Don't ask them for any money , I will pay you in advance."
So I agree but remind him of the condom rule.
Then he says , "I will tell my client about the condom rule , it has to be tomorrow afternoon."
Knowing this is a problem , I still agree. Now what to tell these stupid foster parents who think I am their personal babysitter.
When I get home I simply tell the idiots I will be staying an hour after school for some extra credit. After all what are they going to say?
The next afternoon (Friday) I head for the apartment.
When I arrive I find an elderly Japanese man whose broken English stuns me.
"Come in please" , he asks.
After being taken back a little that some oriental old fart is about to hump me like a dog in heat , I settle down into the concept of a Thousand Dollars for one hour.
This old Japanese guy just loved a young white girl in a black leather mini skirt , high top black leather boots , and a white short top with no bra.
Just looking at me I could see the bulge in his pants.
He disappeared into the bathroom for a few minutes and came back out with just a towel wrapped around him.
Well as they say , I did my thing and in 50 minutes was out of there. I made sure it lasted , and went slow so he would give me high marks with my geek business lover.

Next post , I am now moving on up.

January 12, 2010

My New Cash Cow

Last week I discovered that this Wall Street executive that I had made it with a few times , his company had an apartment.

So we met up as planned , and he did his favorite thing , anal with me , and of course he wore his condom. This guy love giving me anal so much , and said he missed our romps. That was fine , cause I raised the price to $600.00 per hour. He had no problem with that as long as I gave him what he wanted. This man was fixated as much on my sexy clothes as he was bending me over.
But what the hell , I now have a steady cash cow , I am doing him every Thursday. Expensive designer clothing was no longer an issue , I was banging a lot of high end retail store managers. Plus I got male teachers or geeks lined up for my grades and a plan to get out of that foster parent babysitting nightmare. This of course means I need money , and lots of it. Apartments in NYC are damn expensive. Plus I would need a fake ID.

Next post , the tide has turned , other men want in on the action.