January 27, 2010

The Tide has Turned

Last posting we left off: Other men want in on the action.

My steady geek and his company's apartment have now generated into the potential of new clients. After his routine romp of undressing me , and having his way with my sexy butt , he was stammering about trying say something. So I am thinking he wants a new squeeze , and this cash cow is over. So I just asked him straight out - are you trying to say you want to end our Thursday afternoon sessions?
"Oh no, no" he says with a worried look on his face.
Then before I can say anything , he suggests that I entertain an out of town client on his behalf.
Thinking money quickly , I respond , "Yes, I will do it but the cost is double."
"I don't think so" he replies , "But I will go a thousand for one hour , but make sure he is happy."
I agree. He then says , "Don't ask them for any money , I will pay you in advance."
So I agree but remind him of the condom rule.
Then he says , "I will tell my client about the condom rule , it has to be tomorrow afternoon."
Knowing this is a problem , I still agree. Now what to tell these stupid foster parents who think I am their personal babysitter.
When I get home I simply tell the idiots I will be staying an hour after school for some extra credit. After all what are they going to say?
The next afternoon (Friday) I head for the apartment.
When I arrive I find an elderly Japanese man whose broken English stuns me.
"Come in please" , he asks.
After being taken back a little that some oriental old fart is about to hump me like a dog in heat , I settle down into the concept of a Thousand Dollars for one hour.
This old Japanese guy just loved a young white girl in a black leather mini skirt , high top black leather boots , and a white short top with no bra.
Just looking at me I could see the bulge in his pants.
He disappeared into the bathroom for a few minutes and came back out with just a towel wrapped around him.
Well as they say , I did my thing and in 50 minutes was out of there. I made sure it lasted , and went slow so he would give me high marks with my geek business lover.

Next post , I am now moving on up.

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