October 15, 2009

This is the story of my life -

This is my first Blog / Social Network Page.

I started having sex at the age of 12.
My stepmother was a prostitute.
I never knew my real father.
My real mother died of an overdose shortly after I was born.
I ended up living with my with my aunt till I was 5-years-old. She put me in foster care , and that's how I ended up with a stepmother. She only wanted me for the welfare money.
My education is mostly street smarts but I did manage to get my GED.
By the age of 15 , I was doing sex for money.
I got Gonorrhea soon after that and took a class on STD's and prevention from the free clinic in New York City.
After my first encounter with an STD I always insisted the guy use a condom. In fact , I always carried a variety pack with me for both size and effect , most men hate them, but all men love sex!

More on my life later as a New York City Hooker and how I reformed my life and turned it around.

I am learning to Blog from The Blog Guy.
I am following http://blogsfollowme.blogspot.com , why don't you?

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