October 21, 2009

My story continues:

Last post I left off with my foster care mother's boyfriend getting me pregnant and her finding out.

Well , no surprise she kicked his useless ass out. I heard he moved to Florida. She didn't give a damn about me and what happened , she didn't want any of her Bfs screwing anyone but her.
Hey you dumb alcoholic bitch , if you were sober long enough to have sex with a real man maybe you could get one!

Anyway , she contacted this shyster lawyer and I was forced to give up my baby for adoption. Of course she made out , she got five thousand dollars I got nothing , all of which went to her bottle habit.

After the baby was born , she put me on the pill and told me to use a condom.

Word got around that I was an easy lay. I was always an attractive slender girl but had small boobs. So all the sports jocks wanted me. This is another part of my story which I will explore on my next post.

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