October 26, 2009

I started my Hooking Days as a Teenager:

Last time I left off all the sports jocks in school wanted me.
With my sorted reputation , just because I was raped and had a baby meant no ever-mind. Anyway , I needed some attention , but that's how I got pregnant in the first place. But now I am on the pill and have a purse full of condoms – all shapes , sizes , and types.
So this one jock really wanted me , I could tell. After a movie date and some wine , we went to his place. His parents were divorced , and he lived with his dad who worked nights.
Some of the girls in school warned me about this guy that he was some kinda macho self stuck on himself jock asshole , but so what!
After a glass and half I was flying.
He had my panties off and was inside me before I could tell him to use a condom.
Pumped me like a little whore he did.
Soon we were an item.
This lasted about a month and I thought he was the real thing – yeah right!
We went to this after game party. Lots of girls. As the night moved on everyone left except my so-called bf and three other sports jocks.
Suddenly he wanted me to bang his buds. I am thinking WTF is wrong with this fool.
He said , “look baby, we can make some bread out of this. I'll split it with you.”
I replied , “No F-in Way.”
His answer, “Bang for money or bang for free , I all ready promised the guys you'd do them!”
So I was scared but sorta stood my ground.
I answered , "Ok but they have to use a condom and I get 75 percent.”
Smiling , he agreed.

Next segment of my story , Hooking for Money.

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