November 16, 2009

Moving on Up to a daddy Image

Last post I mentioned about one of the Geek fathers hitting on me.

I had been banging Geeks and Nerds now for nearly two years. I was 15 going on 29. From what I gathered the father of this Geek found a picture of me on his son's computer. I was quite popular with all the Geeks and Nerds in two different schools and had a diner date every weekend plus cash. I had steadily been raising my CASH price for a BJ but kept the handjob price stable.

So this Geek old geezer , he was about 50 , put the moves on me. I was really reluctant. I had managed to keep my sexual activities with boys to a minimum. I knew if I agreed to see this father it would be vaginal penetration. After contemplating this I refused. He said , "Okay I am reporting you to the school authorities." So I agreed to have sex with him in a private secluded place , and not to be seen with him in public. He didn't hesitate , and agreed in a New York second. I also told him that the price would be set and not negotiable , he said he wanted something special , this made me nervous but I felt backed into a corner , so I agreed.

We met at his office around 8:00 pm on a Friday night. He told me to wear a sexy mini skirt , tight top , and no bra.
Once in his office he wasted no time discussing what he wanted. He wanted to do anal with me. I had never done that before. I said , "no"
But he pushed the issue , and said , "Have you ever done this before ?"
Stuttering , again I said , "No!"
"Wow" , he said and smiled.
Then before I could utter a word , he said , "I'll give you five hundred dollars."
Before my brain could engage my mouth properly , I sputtered out , 'Hell why not!"
I then immediately followed up with - "But you have to use a condom."
He agreed and said , "But I had to call him Daddy."
Well now my mind is running amok with thoughts of crazy shit like this guy is a pedophile and he will hurt me.
He saw the reluctance in my face , and quickly got out five new 100 dollar bills and handed to me.
He also got out a tube of KY Jelly and a ribbed condom.
He bent me over his desk , moved my panties to one said , and slipped his hard penis gently into my poop hole. It hurt , and he said , "Be a good girl for Daddy and relax."
I replied , "Yes Daddy."
He wasn't in my virgin anus very long before I felt him explode inside the condom.
I figured he was done , but no way. He started shoving it in deeper and harder. He crabbed my hair and said , "Now you're Daddy's little girl."
I yelled out , "Daddy you are hurting me, please stop!"
He just kept pounding me the more I squirmed the more he liked it.
Then I felt him go limp and it slipped out.
He pushed my panties back into position and said , girl your were great , you can make a lot of money doing men instead of boys.
I was crying from both it hurting and embarrassment with being with this perverted old guy.
He said , "Next Friday little girl , same time same place?"
Caching - I said , 'Oh yes Daddy , I am looking forward to it."
"Okay but wear something different" , he uttered.
"Yes Daddy , Yes , you are the boss."
Then I picked up my purse and got the heel out of there , the whole time thinking to myself - 'Girl , what's wrong with your brain?'

Next posting , shopping for expensive clothes.

Hey everyone who voted for me to win The Blog Guy's Google Blog Award of the week. Thanks a million. Hope you love my escapades.

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