November 22, 2009

Oh Yeah Sex for Fashion

So last week I left off with doing my first an old fart versus doing the school boy geeks and nerds.

So now I have cash in hand and shopping I am going.
I started at all the major NYC department stores but one of my friends said , "Hey girl have your ever done sex for clothes?"
I am thinking 'what the hell is she talking about?' so I replied , "Ah no!"
"Come with me" , she said smiling.
"Okay" , I quickly replied.
So off to one of these Manhattan upscale boutiques we went.
When we got there I quickly said , "WTF , I can't afford this place , lets go."
"No Problem" , she insisted, "trust me" , she said.
So into the store we went.
There was a guy in the back , about 30 I would say.
My friend called him over and whispered something in his ear.
Then she took me to one side and said, "Okay I am leaving now , but here is the deal - you give him oral sex , and he gives you expensive stuff. So pick out something and go for it."
Then she was off.
I saw this $400.00 leather mini skirt , and the guy was more than willing.
Into the back room we went.
He simply told me , "you give me oral , I pull out and jizz your face , and the black leather mini is yours."
Well , again my mouth engaged before the brain could catch up , and I sputter out , "Lets do it."
Well I walked out with the Leather Mini Skirt and reminisce of his goo still on me.

I hope you like my escapades , and will follow my storyline.

Next , post I get caught by my drunk foster mother with expensive clothes and money.


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Reformed Hooker said...

Daily Gun,
I have all ready joined your Blog.
Thanks for the post.