November 8, 2009

A Teen Making Her Own Way in Life

It didn't take me long to realize the really good looking guys didn't need to pay for it and if they did it was a token amount.
But the Nerds and Geeks , now that's were the money was. Attractive girls wouldn't give them the time of day.
If an attractive girl went out with a nerd or geek it was for a diner and movie , on them of course. These girls would call it an early night , and then go out with some jock butt-hole later on , and have sex.

I on the other hand gave these nerds and geeks what they wanted.
First they would buy me a good diner , and I would get a movie. Then for CASH I gave them either a hand-job or a BJ and told them what a stud muffin they were.
Hell they told all their buds , and every Friday , Saturday , and Sunday I ate like a queen and had money in my purse.
I was on top of the world.

One day , one of the father's of a geek hit on me , next time I will share what resulted in that!

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Anonymous said...

I was a skinny kid in school. Girls passed me over for the jocks.
Of course now I am bigger, healthier, and make a ton of money.

But damn, I wish their was a girl like you when I went to school!

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