December 20, 2009

What I Did Next ....

I left off last time with my life story where now I had new foster parents who converted me to their flipping babysitter.

This put some kinda crimp in my social escort business for profit. My money was drying up and all I wanted to do is pull my hair out with these three brats.
So I started sneaking out at night to earn some money. Unfortunately this meant a lower class of men I had to deal with. I tried this for about two weeks when I realized that every pimp in town wanted me , for my money. I wasn't getting hooked on drugs or putting out tricks for some pimping asshole so I quit abruptly.
Instead I started giving handjobs to kids in school for $20.00 each. I was doing the adult hired help for $35.00 each. Now I was pulling down around hundred dollars a day. My grades where going to hell and I was skipping classes more than attending.
This led to the first half of the school year failing and those nasty notes to the foster parents.

I was pretty bright , always thinking of ways to get around a problem.

I hope you like my escapades , and will follow my storyline.

Next post I will discuss how a problem really is an opportunity if you know how to turn it around.

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