December 27, 2009

A Problem is an Opportunity

So last week I left off with earning some money giving handjobs but my grades in school were down , and I was failing almost every subject.

One has too always look at a problem as opportunity. For me I simply started banging my male teachers. Those failing marks changed quickly to a 'B+'. As for the women teachers I just picked the smartest geek in the room , a handjob got me my work upgraded to a 'C'. Thus the failing marks went away but this left me back to the money dilemma.

I made a quick trip over to my old school geek dad's office and hung out till I saw him in the lobby. He was surprised to see me but was anxious to get rid of me before someone saw us. He wanted me to come by and I explained the situation. Come to find out his company had an apartment in Midtown for executives and guest so he scheduled a romp in the sack for Thursday afternoon when I got out of school.

Next post I will explain how this became a cash cow opportunity for me.

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Hatchet Jack said...

Good Read

Spotted Leapord said...

Girls just did my homework for me , I never asked , I just gave them some sausage for appreciation