December 7, 2009

I Got Caught

So on my last post I learned how to get expensive designer clothes for sex , after all they cost lots of money.

So with cash in my purse and an expensive black leather mini skirt on my butt I head home. This time my drunken foster mother wasn't totally blitzed or had a boyfriend over.
Oh yes she caught me.
Grabbed my purse and started slapping me around.
So I fight back , it's a real free for all in the apartment , which by the way the walls are like cardboard , so the neighbors think she's killing me and call the cops.
The police arrive , and quickly find a cut on my head , and I have what appears to soon be a black eye.
They arrest her , call an ambulance for me , and notify social services (child welfare).
I give them most of the truth , that's she drunk all the time , took my baby got paid for it , and I am left to fend for myself.
I add the one false statement that she is pimping me out as a prostitute , and the fight erupted because I wanted some of the money.
Actually I wanted all the money , what has this bitch ever done for me? The city / state pays her to feed and cloth me , make sure I go to school , and stay out of trouble.
They arrested her , she lost custody of me , and I was placed in another foster home. This one wasn't much better , it had three other foster care kids younger than me , and they looked at me for their babysitter. This put a real cramp in my sex for money job.

I hope you like my escapades , and will follow my storyline.

Next post , what I did next!

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howling mad and horny said...

does that mean you no longer do it for money, services, or goods?