January 12, 2010

My New Cash Cow

Last week I discovered that this Wall Street executive that I had made it with a few times , his company had an apartment.

So we met up as planned , and he did his favorite thing , anal with me , and of course he wore his condom. This guy love giving me anal so much , and said he missed our romps. That was fine , cause I raised the price to $600.00 per hour. He had no problem with that as long as I gave him what he wanted. This man was fixated as much on my sexy clothes as he was bending me over.
But what the hell , I now have a steady cash cow , I am doing him every Thursday. Expensive designer clothing was no longer an issue , I was banging a lot of high end retail store managers. Plus I got male teachers or geeks lined up for my grades and a plan to get out of that foster parent babysitting nightmare. This of course means I need money , and lots of it. Apartments in NYC are damn expensive. Plus I would need a fake ID.

Next post , the tide has turned , other men want in on the action.

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ikilltrolls said...

I knew a girl like you once she gave great head